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Who is this book for?

Everyone (well you probably should own a car)!

Buying a car for most people is 2nd largest purchase they will every make in their life, and they rely on a dealer to guide them through the process. Most people already have a car when they buy a new one and trade it in to the dealer, but what they don’t realise is that you can sell it yourself easily online and get more money than the dealer is offering.

Selling a car online is often thought about as being lots of trouble and a big inconvenience. But what most people don’t realise is that they are throwing $500-$5000 (and sometimes more) of their money away trading it in at the dealership. Most people I speak to sell the car to the first or second person that even looks at it. Not a bad way of saving a couple of thousand dollars.

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Preparing the car for sale

The first impression a prospective buyer is going to get of your car is from looking at the pictures or video you post online. If the car looks like it hasn’t been washed in 3 months, the wheel rims are full of brake dust and the back seat looks like the dog sleeps there, you will not much, if any enquiry.

We go through a large check list of things you need to do to prepare the car for sale online.

There are even full step by step procedures on how to remove weird odours that are lingering from days past.

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Photo & Video Guide

There is no doubt that whether the perfect photo or video will help sell your verhicle (it will). As a buyer wouldn’t you like to see great photos or a personalised video before making an enquiry to see the car?

We cover topics like, location, lighting, flash, and importantly angles. We look at are good pictures and what are bad looking pictures.

There is even a list of things to take pictures of so you can do it all in one session then decide which pictures or video to put online when back at the computer. View full chapter list…

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Dealing with enquiry (or no enquiry)

We look at what to expect when people either call or email you. Most people are not very comfortable in a sales role, promoting something to be sold, let alone trying to get someone to spend tens of thousdans of dollars with you. So how to you respond to the enquiry is a great opportunity to mark yourself out from the crowd.

We look at ways of how to respond to questions and how to push to see if the potential buyer is really a buyer.

Sometimes though you don’t get any enquiry straight up, so we look at what to review on your advertisement to get the enquiry flowing. View full chapter list…

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Value & Price your car

This is one of the key things that most people get wrong. Before they even start they do little research into what the market thinks their car is worth and what other are selling it for.

We go through the places to go to value your car, research what others are selling it for, then come up with a price for your vehicle. Since you are competing against dealers in trying to sell your car, we look at how a common dealer pricing strategy. This gives you a further understanding as to why prices often change from week to week on the same vehicle.

Wealso  look at other factors that might effect the price of your car, like demographics and seasonal issues.  View full chapter list…

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Writing the advertisement

When creating your advertisement you have an opportunity to show how eager you are to sell your car. Strong selling words and abbreviations are all covered in this chapter.

We look at the essential bits of information that you should put in the advertisement, which is often different to that of a dealers vehicle. There are also many things from my experience that turn a buyer away – so be sure to check out the key things to avoid in writing the advertisement.  View full chapter list…

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Seller price negotiation

Once someone comes to view the vehicle or take it for a test drive, if they like it, they will make an offer to buy the vehicle. This is where most people enter the scary negotiation stage. We look at techniques for you to control the negotiation with answers to common questions from the buyer trying to push the price down.

Most people will have built in some extra ‘fat’ to the price, so you should, within reason, play the haggling game. If negotiation fails and the buyer walks away we look at different follow up techniques to get the buyer reengaged with their initial love of your car.  View full chapter list…