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Refunds Policy

Can I get a refund?
No. All sales are final.

Since you cannot physically return an e-book, we do NOT give refunds.

We will work with you to help resolve any technical difficulties you may experience regarding your e-book order. Please see our e-book problem solving page.

Refunds Are Not Given Because:

  • A few links or contact information is out of date. Sometimes companies go out of business, rename their websites, or change their site maps. While we do our best to keep the resource sections up-to-date there is no guarantee.
  • You cannot copy and paste or manipulate the forms into another program. As stated on every page we sell an e-book: Use these forms and sample letters as a basis for creating your own documents! Just print out and use as is or re-type them and add your own information.
  • You cannot print the e-book properly on your computer. All e-books are made printable and they are tested for printing before being sent out to buyers. If you experience problems printing, please check our problem solving page.
  • The e-books have a few blank pages. All e-books are written without blank pages. Sometimes, however, the conversion from Word to Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) causes a few blank pages. These blank pages are added pages, not the deletion of information and will not affect the quality of the e-book or your understanding of the material.